About us

EasiRewards is a unique and exciting new Affiliate Marketing program based around profits generated from essential monthly household expenditures.

Our first product is the low cost Prepaid Debit Card from EasiPay; available throughout Europe. This card is easy to get for everyone over the age of sixteen and also enable you to get cashback from selected merchants.
EasiRewards is designed to be simple to understand and rewarding for long term benefits.

Our key strengths are in the extended product range that we are looking to bring into the structure over the next two years.
Our core business strategy is to enable our Affiliates to earn from gathering customers who transfer some of their everyday expenditures to our suppliers. The aim is to ensure that our customers get a higher level of service and yet pay less.

We help our Associates to acquire residual income, improve their well-being and offer them well-deserved rewards. To achieve this vision, we are creating the next level of Business platforms that will exceed the best available on the market today.

We provide a genuine cross-platform environment to be able to expand the range of products. This means that we will have a genuine opportunity to expand the product range as we go forward. This is the cornerstone of our long term business strategy.

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