Compensation Plan

EasiRewards Compensation Plan

EasiRewards Compensation structure is designed to be simple and stable. Our key business strengths are built on having a quality range of products and services that are provided at a competitive price.

As an associate you get a Support website, a Business Management system, Sales tracking software and a business tracking app created for the EasiRewards Associate. You also get the right to resell products and services from EasiRewards.
Associate Registration fee is €49. Annual renewal fee is €39 which is automatically deducted from your earnings. No commission is paid for recruiting and registering an EasiRewards Associate.
Our Compensation Plan is designed to be fair in rewarding your achievements. Every payment is based on sales of the EasiPay Payment Cards and the Rewards program to others as well as transactions made on the cards.

Our goal is to help our Associates achieve success through clearly defined targets and objectives. To do this, we are creating the next level of Business platforms that will exceed the best available on the market today.

We offer you six income streams with clearly defined achievement path, along with benefits to support you at each step of your growth towards leadership.

1. Personal Retail Commission

Once registered as an associate you will be able to sell the EasiRewards products and services through your retail website and earn the Retail Commission on the sales that you make.

EasiRewards Retail Products Commission Price
Education Pack 50.00 299.00
Education Plus Gold Pack 50.00 348.00
Education Plus Blue Pack 50.00 348.00
Gold Rewards Card 16.00 99.00
Blue Rewards Card 4.00 20.00

2. Fast Start Bonus

If you achieve a position of Qualified Associate within 30 days of registration, you will be eligible for a personal Fast Start bonus of 200 EUR. To become a Qualified Associate, you need to do the following:

  • Personally complete the EasiRewards Education
  • Sell and activate either 6 blue cards or 2 Gold cards.
  • Recruit 2 new Associates and help them to complete the EasiRewards Education
  • Help your 2 new associates to sell and activate 6 blue cards or 2 Golds.

3. Fast Start Leadership Bonus

If a new associate achieves the Fast Starts Bonus in your team down to six generations, you are entitled to a Fast Start Leadership Bonus as shown in the table below.

Generation Amount Fast Start Leadership Bonus
Generation 1 €50
Generation 2 €40
Generation 3 €40
Generation 4 €40
Generation 5 €40
Generation 6 €40
To be eligible to earn Fast Start Leadership Bonus, you need to be an Active Associate.

4. Get Four; Earn More Bonus

When you personally have referred four Active Gold Card holders in addition to yourself, your monthly card account management fees will be waived. As long as your customers remain active on a monthly basis, you will not be required to pay account management fees. At this point you will be eligible to qualify for the Customer Management Commission.

5. Customer Management Commission

Once you get to generating a minimum of 100 CP from Active Customer per month, you will be qualified for Customer Management Commission on all your personally referred customers.

Number of Customers Percentage Commission
5 – 19 10% of CP
20 – 99 12% of CP
100 – 249 14% of CP
250 – 499 16% of CP
500 – 749 18% of CP
750 – 999 20% of CP
1000 or more 25% of CP

This commission is paid on the CP generated by customers that you have personally referred and is the number of Active Customers that count towards your qualification level.

6. Team Development Bonus

Team Development Bonus allows you to earn from the sales made by Associates in your 3^10 Team Structure of Associates.
Each person in the structure can place a maximum of three people directly connected to them on their first level. As this continues throughout the team you get everyone working together to build a stable business structure. This is how a 3^10 team structure is built.
As the team grows in this structure you not only get rewarded for the sales made within your team but you also get rewarded for the leadership that you show to your team.
Since this is a Compressed 3^10 team structure, you could potentially earn from outside of your 10 level team structure.

Level Amount per Customer Qualification
Level 1 5% of CP -
Level 2 5% of CP -
Level 3 5% of CP -
Level 4 5% of CP -
Level 5 5% of CP -
Level 6 5% of CP Bronze Associate
Level 7 5% of CP Silver Associate
Level 8 5% of CP Gold Associate
Level 9 5% of CP Platinum Associate
Level 10 5% of CP Diamond Associate

Recognition Levels

The first stage towards recognition in the EasiRewards programme is to become a Qualified Associate. This means that you go through the process of education with your referrer and take the first steps towards your success with EasiRewards. It is recommended that you achieve this status within 30 days of registration, as this will give you an additional bonus for starting fast.
Here are the steps you need to take to become a Qualified Associate:

  • Personally complete the EasiRewards Payment Industry Education.
  • Sell and activate either 6 blue cards or 2 Gold cards.
  • Recruit 2 new Associates
  • Help your 2 new associates to complete the EasiRewards Education
  • Help your 2 new associates to sell and activate 6 blue cards or 2 Golds.

Once you have completed the task of becoming a Qualified Associate, your job is to train others to become Qualified Associates and to make sure that you refer card users.
As you start building your team and earning further income you will have the opportunity to reach higher recognition levels. This in turn will give you the opportunity to earn further bonuses.

Recognition Level Requirements Benefits
Bronze Associate Personally refer two Qualified Associates. Earn up to Level 6 in the Team Development Bonus
Silver Associate Personally refer three Bronze Associates. Earn up to Level 7 in the Team Development Bonus
Gold Associate Personally refer four Silver Associates. Earn up to Level 8 in the Team Development Bonus
Platinum Associate Personally refer five Gold Associates. Earn up to Level 9 in the Team Development Bonus
Diamond Associate Personally refer six Platinum Associates. Earn up to Level 10 in the Team Development Bonus

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