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What is EasiRewards?

EasiRewards is the new Affiliate program for the EasiPay Card. As an EasiRewards associate you can save money and earn extra income simply by using and promoting the use of the EasiPay MasterCard. EasiRewards gives you access to great deals and a community of friends whether you just want to use the advantages or you want to take it to the next level and build your own business together with us.

Easy Payments

Make payments easy with the EasiPay Card. Go beyond cash and elevate every purchase with control and convenience; from everyday shopping to once in a lifetime purchases.

Easy Access

Easily monitor your spending and plan household budgeting when you pay with EasiPay Debit Card, directly from your EasiRewards back office login.

Easy Support

EasiRewards Support team are there to help you benefit from every aspect of the EasiRewards program.

How does it work?

Use our prepaid MasterCard Debit Cards and invite your friends to do the same. It is as simple as that. To get greater benefits, you can sign up as an Associate and explore our product range. Get started now by registering here.

Associate Benefits

As an Associate you can receive rewards from every purchase in your team structure. Every user also has the opportunity to get cashback from selected sellers to save even more money. As an EasiRewards Associate you benefit in several ways when you use your EasiPay Card, build your extra income or your new business.



Personal EasiPay Prepaid MasterCard for you


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